Discover WearWolf

A boutique European fashion label led by designer Anida Kapo, based in the vibrant city of Berlin. For over a decade, Wearwolf has been crafting exquisite leather goods, specializing in jackets, dresses, and unique leather jewelry. Each piece is meticulously handmade, reflecting a blend of high-fashion sophistication and avant-garde creativity.

What sets Wearwolf apart is its commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices. The label sources its premium leather exclusively as a byproduct of food production, ensuring minimal environmental impact. This dedication to eco-consciousness extends to Wearwolf's handmade jewelry, where leather is repurposed into stunning statement pieces.

Driven by demand and inspiration rather than seasonal trends, Wearwolf's collections offer timeless elegance that transcends fleeting fashions. Clients can expect personalized sizing and attention to detail, resulting in garments and accessories that fit flawlessly and exude quality.

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